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2017 Chinese Chengdu Autumn Tea Expo invites you to talk about health tea
2017/12/6 15:01:37

Only after a spring rain was spring cleaning day, the blink of an eye Things change several times in autumn. Just try and look into the spring and summer autumn tea long. 2017 China Chengdu Autumn International Tea Industry Expo will be held in the new international convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City in from November 9th to 12th. The same period will also be held in Sichuan International Expo China Buddhist, Zen, tea will be the two major cultural elements of the perfect fusion, to create a new life style taste zen. Tea, view, reward technology, on the road...... This fall, from the start of tea cultivation!

The last review:

The International Autumn Tea Industry Expo in Chengdu, China, has been held for 3 consecutive years. 2016 China's Chengdu autumn tea trade fair received 37 thousand visitors, with a total turnover of more than 8200 million yuan. The exhibition, held for the first time, Ya'an Tibetan tea culture festival has achieved remarkable results; international and domestic tea industry exhibitors enthusiastically, Gouxiaoliangwang; rich and colorful tea activities during the exhibition.

Exhibition information:

This Autumn International Tea Expo, as by the Sichuan Provincial Department of commerce support units, sponsored by Chinese Tea Institute and Sichuan Marketing Association, Sichuan province tea art Asia Expo Group Co, Sichuan Province Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan province suppliers Expo economic development co..

This Autumn Tea Expo, Sichuan will continue to play the advantages of tea, Tea Expo platform, extensive exhibition Sichuan is the famous tea, but for the tea industry investment, absorption of the tea series high quality tea brand and tea related products, expand tea consumption, promote the development of tea industry.

One of the features: health care

Autumn is between summer and winter, the seasons alternate, the air is dry, and people are easily irritable, at this time drinking tea and health care about the warm and moist way. The theme of the Tea Expo this fall is "keeping health beginning with autumn tea". Autumn and winter is the best season for drinking Puer, black tea, Chuan Hong, jasmine tea, Tieguanyin, and all kinds of health tea, and these tea is a highlight of this Tea Expo.

In the Autumn Tea Expo, you can over six tea and tea products, buy all kinds of herbal tea, concentrated tea, health tea and tea beverage etc..

The characteristics of the two: Zen tea

Chinese held Sichuan International Buddhist supplies Expo, Zen, tea will be the two major cultural elements of the perfect fusion, to create a new life style of Zen tea blindly. The perfect combination of the two cultural elements of Zen and tea will be reflected by each other to bring you a different Autumn Tea Expo. At that time, you can not only buy good tea, but also can choose the device, please incense.

Tea tea tea as the color type of products, more and more, the quality is also improved by. The Autumn Tea Expo, there will be more tea tea, root carving, purple, ceramics, furniture etc., for tea lovers to present a play, capable of viewing, the gorgeous tea feast.

Characteristic three: activity

The tea party will be held during the autumn, autumn tea forum, forum, international tea tea packaging design forum forum invited tea and tea ceremony; Master site for various performances, tea culture, tea zen clothing clothing show Yixing famous purple craft exhibition performances; will set special tea will invite celebrities gathered in the tea. In this grand event.

From November 9, 2017 to 12, Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center Autumn Tea Expo, we Be There Or Be Square!