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Pu'er tea culture festival in Sichuan Autumn Tea Expo
2017/12/8 10:15:05

"Yunnan Pu'er tea culture festival" has settled in Sichuan Tea Expo. It is reported that, as the cloud tea circulation to promote better, build cloud tea brand and billion cloud tea health industry, Yunnan Tea Circulation Association and the Chengdu Autumn Tea Expo Organizing Committee held "Yunnan Pu'er Tea cultural festival in the 2017 session of the fourth China joint Chengdu Autumn International Tea expo". During the period, will be held in various forms, content rich tea and tea in Sichuan, let more people fall in love with Pu'er Tea.

"Yunnan Pu'er Tea Cultural Festival, will focus on the launch of the three financial sector is the butt of tea, tea tasting, high-end customers of cloud cloud agents, high-end tea trade negotiate cloud tea lovers tasting. At the same time, we will also hold cloud tea activities such as the knowledge lecture hall of cloud tea and the revival of tea horse ancient road. At present, the Yunnan Tea Circulation Association has issued a wide range of heroic posts, inviting local tea enterprises to respond actively to participation.

In this year's Sichuan Autumn Tea Expo, Sichuan Yunnan and Pu'er Tea two tea lovers will be the common taste and taste Pu'er Tea style and delicious!