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Chinese tea art training school and Wen Jun tea the first batch of New Apprenticeship classes start
2017/7/26 15:13:19
source:Sichuan Tea Fair

On July 26th, Chinese tea art training school, Wen Jun tea enterprise "Chengdu Enterprise New Apprenticeship opening ceremony cum 2017 Autumn Tea Expo seminar" held in Chengdu and the international tea conference room, the first phase will be training 100 apprentices.

The ceremony, Chengdu City, Jinniu District human resources and Social Security Bureau in the guide, Wen Jun tea company general manager Wu Qu, Sichuan Huaxia art training school principals Yu Liang welcome speech, vice chairman of Sichuan Province Tea Industry Association, Zhang Zerong, chairman of Chengdu international tea city in Qin and research in Sichuan Province, Tea Art Association He Xiuwu, International Tea Fair the organizing committee will (Sichuan) manager Yang Xushuang to congratulate, bitanpiaoxue tea, Dean Xu Jinhua creation sent a congratulatory message.

Then, the tea ceremony class apprentice Anna and Peng Lixian performed a wonderful art show "Wen Jun Liuxiang, Chinese tea". Chinese tea art training school more than good president said, the school will organize related work, scientific management of enterprises to apprentice apprenticeship teaching and social practice, enterprise management, from the quantitative to qualitative leap, let more skilled talents for industry, promotes development of tea industry.

Sichuan International Tea Expo Organizing Committee Director Yang Xushuang issued by the class apprentice to host the 2017 Autumn Tea Expo project content; careful interpretation of the Autumn Tea Expo business direction, and expressed willingness to increase Chinese tea and tea Wen Jun cooperation, let the apprentice of high skilled talents to actively participate in the tea competition, tea marketing project activities the realization of their own economic and social value.

It is reported that in July 21st, the Chengdu municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau issued a "warm hints about the settlement of skilled personnel in Chengdu". Since last June, Chengdu has implemented the New Apprenticeship of enterprises as an important task for the construction of the comprehensive demonstration area of skills Chengdu, and introduced the implementation plan of the New Apprenticeship System for enterprises. According to the requirements of the program, Wen Jun tea industry and Sichuan Huaxia tea training school has been the first batch of 20 New Apprenticeship demonstration units in Chengdu. The New Apprenticeship of enterprises takes enterprises as the main body, and implements a new apprenticeship training mode with the main contents of "recruiting students, recruiting students, joining schools, and training enterprises and teachers" through the cooperation between enterprises and schools. After the expiration of the apprenticeship training, the relevant professional qualification certificates or training certificates can be obtained according to the relevant regulations. In addition to the exemption from the training fees, the government's relevant qualifications can also be granted the appraisal fee of the national tea artist qualification certificate.

It is understood that the Sichuan Wenjun tea company is one of the large enterprises, Sichuan tea has a long history, product quality, won the A Well-Known Trademark in China; adhere to the scientific innovation, emphasis on staff skills training, skills of talented people. Sichuan Huaxia art training school, is a private tea professional training schools in our province started earlier, founded ten years, has trained nearly thirty thousand kinds of tea, tea and tea management personnel, many students has become a leader in both inside and outside the province and even foreign tea culture, the school won the "Sichuan tea culture building advanced units" title.