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Yunnan Pu'er tea culture festival is an amazing presentation of the autumn tea exhibition
2017/12/8 10:18:53

In November 9th this year - 12, the New International Exhibition Center of Chengdu century city will usher in the "2017 fourth China Chengdu Autumn International Tea Industry Fair"! It is reported that the Autumn Tea Expo Organizing Committee will join the association of tea in Yunnan province this year, the Tea Expo held the first "Yunnan Pu'er Tea Culture Festival, and organized in various forms, content rich tea tasting and other activities. The activities will promote and promote the development of Pu'er tea culture in Sichuan, so that more people in Sichuan are in love with Pu'er tea.

The first big event Pu'er Sichuan six colorful activities

From this year, the "Yunnan Puer Tea Culture Festival" will be permanently settled in the Autumn International Tea Expo in Chengdu as an important theme event and exhibition in the Autumn Tea Expo. Yunnan Tea Circulation Association will organize high-quality tea enterprises in Yunnan to participate in the exhibition, and organize a series of activities such as PU erh tea Master's lecture hall, Puer tea contest, special tasting and so on.

Pu'er Tea native to southwestern Yunnan, is at the center of Pu'er Prefecture together the Yuan Dynasty called "tea" in the Ming Dynasty was named as the "Pu'er Tea". After thousands of years of circulation, Puer tea has accumulated an unparalleled cultural treasure. It has gone through many vicissitudes, and has accumulated a long history of Puer tea through ups and downs.

This year's Pu'er tea culture festival will bring six wonderful activities for everyone! The first is the exhibition and sale of Pu'er tea, carrying out the promotion and exhibition and exchange activities based on Pu'er tea. The other is the Pu'er Tea processing performance and tea competition. Including Pu'er Tea processing (Handmade, sun dried green tea, Pu'er tea and other tea bucket pressing). The third is the Pu'er tea competition. It includes tea artists' personal tea skill competition and minority tea competition. The fourth is the auction of boutique Pu'er tea. Including the famous Pu'er ancient tea Pu'er Tea products auction, and the auction game winning products ". The fifth is the Pu'er tea tasting activity of the Tea Museum, Tianfu teahouse. The sixth is "a tea a cup of tea trees adoption action.

Not only Pu'er Tea five tea culture festival debut simultaneously

In addition to Pu'er Tea, Autumn Tea Expo other tea culture festival will also be synchronized debut this year, including: Hunan Tea Culture Festival, Fuding white tea culture festival, Ya'an Tibetan tea culture festival and Yibin Festival Black Tea. Five tea culture festival will take the original feature song Cha Cha dance performances tea form, fully show the unique cultural connotation of tea tea, to bring the audience a dreamlike visual and hearing, smell, taste a series of tea culture experience. At the same time, holding lectures, the national tea tea competition, tea world special tasting etc.. The exhibition will also award "Gold Award Health-Enhancing Herbal Tea" and "artisan craftsmanship brand tea" and other awards, "small fish school" incense, international tea culture performances show,

From November 9, 2017 to 12, Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center Autumn Tea Expo, we Be There Or Be Square!