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2017 China Chengdu International Tea Expo
2017/12/13 9:53:12

Organized by Sichuan Expo Economics Development Co., Ltd., supported by Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce,Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission,2017 China Chengdu International Tea Expo was successfully held on November 9, 2017 to 12  at  Chengdu Century City International Exhibition center. According to incomplete statistics, the total trade volume of this Tea Expo was 79 million yuan (last year is more than 8200 million yuan).  On site trade vulume was 21 million , and the contract trade was 58 million yuan. A total of 31 thousand visitors (37 thousand last year) were received, including 4800 professional buyers from the surrounding tea house, the clubhouse and the distribution market.

First, the success of "Ya'an Tea Culture Festival", enhance the brand influence of Sichuan tea.

Ya 'an Tibetan tea exhibition area, located at hall 7 of the convention and exhibition center,Chengdu, China. It covers an area of 420 square meters, the purpose is to let more consumers acquire a better knowledge of ya 'an Tibetan tea, to extend the market share and promote the brand popularity of ya 'an Tibetan tea. In order to display the "Ya'an Tibetan tea, Tea Ancestor" brand image, Yucheng District of Ya'an City Yucheng District Office of tea, Tea Circulation Association, the south side of tea chamber of Commerce organized the first eligible to use the trademark of Ya'an Tibetan tea enterprises collective exhibition. Including Ya'an tea factory Limited by Share Ltd, Ya'an City, Sichuan friendship Tea Co., Ya'an Refco Group Ltd, Ya'an Zhougongshan Xikang Tibetan tea Tea Co. Ltd, Ya'an Yixing tea Co. Ltd., Ya'an auspicious tea industry limited company, Ya'an Cai dragon tea factory, Ya'an and Dragon Tea Co. Ltd, Ya'an Ya mountain tea industry limited company, Ya'an langsai tea factory, Ya'an Ya Ming Trading Company, tea enterprises, and Mengding tea exchange and the national tea quality supervision and Inspection Center (Sichuan).

Ya'an tea exhibition area of 420 square meters, the entire area with red color, in the exhibition hall is particularly eye-catching. Through on-site tasting, consumer experience, enterprises, experts say tea special promotion and other activities, publicity and promotion of the "Ya'an tea" brand, expand marketing channels, the contract amount of nearly 2 million yuan. Golden State Ya Hengtai tea the amount of orders of more than 1000 yuan. The exhibition also attracted a lot of people from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places of the buyers, they view tea tea in the exhibition hall to Ya'an, field visits, trade negotiations. In the meantime, Ya'an tea enterprises also invited to go to Italy, Pakistan and other countries to carry out special communication and exhibition, opened the door of the Ya'an Tibetan tea abroad!

Second, "Yunnan Pu'er tea culture festival" has settled into the Tea Expo to promote the exchange and cooperation of tea enterprises in Sichuan and Yunnan.

The Organizing Committee of the Tea Expo and the Yunnan Tea Circulation Association jointly held the "Yunnan Pu'er tea cultural festival" for the first time. The festival will also be permanently settled in the Chengdu Tea Expo. Mengku Rong, Chen Shenghao, king of tea tea, incense rhyme flow, more than 10 Yunnan famous tea enterprises are invited to participate.

"Yunnan Pu'er tea culture festival" is diverse and rich in content. Pu'er Tea auditorium in Yunnan province by the Pu'er Tea expert Xu Yahe as we interpret Yunnan Puer essence; "financial property and financial Pu'er Tea dialogue Pu'er Tea, invited local financial institutions VIP customers, and discuss the financial attributes of the tea and how to use the financial platform to boost the tea industry; tea tasting 100 white-collar workers people, Pu'er Tea enthusiasts, guests were invited to tea distribution, common tea Pu'er tea. "Yunnan Puer Tea Culture Festival" promoted the development of Puer market in Chengdu to a certain extent, so that more Chengdu Puer fans had the opportunity to really close contact and feel the thick Puer tea culture. This Tea Expo also held Fuding white tea cultural festival, Hunan Anhua black tea culture festival, so that more tea classes into Chengdu people's life.

Third, domestic and foreign tea enterprises participated enthusiastically, the purchase and sales of two prosperous. 

This exhibition participating merchants amounted to over 400, from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China's Taiwan and Hong Kong more than 10 countries and regions such as many famous brand tea tea set all appearance, also attracted from Italy, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions of tea industry professionals and enthusiasts attention and participation. The exhibition brings together more than 3000 varieties of tea, including green tea, black tea, black tea, white tea, green tea and yellow tea. There are tea leaves in sichuan, sichuan and yellow rivers, and the tea factory of ya 'an tea factory, brothers friendship, xikang, zhougong mountain and Tibetan tea enterprises. Yunnan's mong kanyu, dian nan ancient yun, baifu reservoir; Fuding white tea, hunan black tea, featured capers, featured black tea, etc. There are also tea products, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea and tea products. Various kinds of buddhist products, including thangka, Buddha carving, beads, incense, ornaments, etc. 

The display of various tea sets and tea Spaces in the exhibition is also colorful. Japanese pottery, aloes, India, Nepal, South Korea, silver thangka, henan jun porcelain, water purple pottery kiln, light building, built, jingdezhen famous pottery and porcelain, longquan celadon, yixing purple sand, fujian root, Taiwan tea, such as wooden furniture has been tea abundantmeeting. Many businesses have also built a unique tea space on the scene, so that people can enjoy the leisure of the tea, and have been visited by the public. 

Fourth, the international Master rongcheng evangelism, promote the sichuan tea enterprises to expand the foreign market 

The world organization for tea, head of the Italian side, the Italian tea industry association, chairman of the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao intergovernmental tea team member Italy commissioner, Mr Mark on the tea abundantmeeting held a named "modern European market under the modern silk road economic belt - European tea development new opportunities and new concept" to the quality of the lecture, attracted a lot of tea circles to be present to listen. Session, Mr Mark on behalf of the Italian tea industry association invited many sichuan tea companies, including ya 'an Tibetan tea, went to Italy to communicate and market development, and signed with the yunnan, ya more than tea enterprises signed a long-term cooperation agreement. 

Fifth, tea fair is connected with the Internet and express, and the tea activities are colorful. 

During the exhibition, in addition to ya 'an Tibetan tea culture festival and yunnan pu-erh tea culture festival outside these two related theme activities, is particularly striking tea ` embellish dream autumn tea culture promotion activities, intangible tea acrobatics activity, as well as the "qionglai black tea" tea art competition and so on to give the audience multiple enjoy hearing, sight, taste, let you really feel the rich connotation of tea culture and long lasting appeal. Province of sichuan tea culture research board to water Ye Lianhua art troupe, "tea" embellish the autumn - 2017 4th China. Chengdu international tea expo autumn tea culture promotion activities, the folk music, singing, chamber music, perfect combination, all exhibit the beauty of Chinese musical instrument, the beauty of the music! While the secret of the tea is the most important part of the tea, it will be the most important part of the world. "Qionglai black tea" tea art competition, gathered across the country, the handsome boy pretty girl, with antediluvian gu yun, tea take the image of the artist, skill fights the art at the meeting, for the tea abundantmeeting draw a satisfactory full stop. 

Sixth, strengthen and discuss propaganda, tea fair influence. 

The tea fair has more than 200 media platforms, including TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and new media, and more than 200 pieces of information, news and advertising. Including CCTV, People's Daily, sichuan branch bureau, China news agency, xinhua news agency sichuan sichuan branch, China Radio International, international online channel in sichuan, sichuan daily, sichuan TV station, west China metropolis daily and chengdu commercial daily, chengdu TV station at the national, provincial and municipal mainstream media coverage. At the same time, also by baidu, sina, tencent, netease, Chinese tea industry network, the world tea friends network and network media headlines today, such as sichuan, sichuan news, such as the degree of the client form, multi-angle, all-round promotion, increasing the tea abundantmeeting popularity, to further consolidate the tea abundantmeeting brand effect, booster tea abundantmeeting to a higher level in the same type show.