Tea Expo introduction

Site of the Tea Expo - Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center located in the West Renmin Road extension line of Tianfu Avenue, north outer ring road, east to the Jinjiang river, subway can be straight up here, the traffic condition is very convenience. As the core area of Chengdu landmark, the political core area of the southern government and the core area of the Pan South economic circle, the flow of people, logistics, information and capital flows is highly concentrated, which has greatly promoted the development of regional economy.


Subways:  You can take the subway from the airport to the exhibition center:

Line 10 transfer to Line 1, about 30 mins

Bus  lines:  You can take the following buses arrive the exhibition center:
118 Road, 115 Road, 102 Road, 84 Road, 545 Road, 504 Road, 806 Road, Huayang Road 4A, Huayang Road 4B