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The origin of the origin of tea | Chinese Black Tea.
2017/12/5 15:23:05


Black tea originated from Wuyi in Fujian, which evolved from the method of making green tea and white tea. Around 1610 (also called in 1650 patients before and after), Wuyishan south of the village as the center of a small star of this kind of small Black Tea, Black Tea originating in Xingcun town to Jiangxi province boundary, about 1000 meters above sea level in Guanshan paulownia.

In the spring and summer of 1639, tea was supervised for a month in this mountain. Because white tea or green tea by inducing daylight withering Sun Jing, fermentation and after rolling, so during the day and in the mountains picking Sun Jing, rolled into the middle of the night to complete.

When the temperature drops, must be loaded into the tea after rolling, bamboo, hemp cover tightly, placed near the fire (such as the kitchen or bake upstairs, the temperature rise of cyanine). After 6 - 8 hours, go to the smell of the green smell, to give out the fragrance, the leaf is red brown can be taken out. When drying, it is smoked with pine wood. So the aroma of pine fat, this small kind of black tea, called small species also known as the star village is also known as the star village, is the birthplace of black tea.

After 1610, those who shipped to Europe were small race of black tea. In 1762, the Swedish botanist, Linshu's "plant species", was mistakenly represented by Wuyi species, black tea and green tea. Tea leaves are divided into two categories. Or the wild plant in Paulownia Guanshan in fact, are trees, trees or semi type dayezhong. As for the black tea, it is formed by the low altitude of small species of black tea in Wuyishan.

Dong Qing Tiangong's 1751 wrote "Wuyi Shanzhi", recorded a small time and two kinds of tea.

Qimen in the Qing Dynasty before, not producing Black Tea, rich Green Tea, but by 1875, Yugan officials from Fujian home business office. Green Tea was due to poor sales, the best-selling Black Tea, will set up the red tea in Dongzhi County, Qimen and export pressure flash in the design of generic "Fujian village, red". This is the beginning of "Qi".