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The overall output value of the tea industry in the first half of 2017 in Ya'an, Sichuan, reached 9 billion 500 million yuan
2017/7/2 15:26:05

Recently, a reporter from the Ya'an tea office was informed that at the end of June this year, Ya'an tea garden area stable at 1 million mu, total output of 49 thousand and 100 tons of tea, compared with last year, a decline of 1 thousand and 100 tons; the fresh tea leaf income 2 billion 514 million yuan, representing an increase of 217 million yuan, an increase of 9.46%; tea industry output value of 9 billion 500 million yuan, representing an increase of 500 million yuan. In general, the industry in the first half of this year realized the value-added and efficiency of the industry and the increase of the farmers' income.

In the overall development of tea industry, announced in April this year by the center for agricultural research at the Zhejiang University CARD China brand "2017 Chinese tea regional public brand value list", "evaluation of Mengding tea brand value of 2 billion 666 million yuan, ranking ninth in the country, was named" the most powerful brand ";" Ya'an tea "the brand value of 1 billion 481 million yuan, ranking fortieth in the country, was named the most powerful brand resources". At the same time, "Mengding tea" brand of tea brand in Sichuan province continued to maintain the first position, and the "Ya'an tea" brand in the black tea tea brand ranked fourth.

In addition, in the 2017 list of top 100 brands of tea products in China, 4 tea enterprises in Ya'an mingmingyuan tea industry, Wei Youzhen tea industry, Jixiang tea industry and Youyi Tea Group entered the list.

It is worth mentioning that, by the Ministry of Agriculture announced in the first selection, China International Tea Exposition "Chinese ten tea regional public brand", "Mengding tea" was selected, which is a great affirmation of elegant tea product development.

This year's development goal of Ya'an elegant tea industry is: by the end of 2017, the tea garden area will be stable at 1 million mu, the tea output will be more than 88 thousand tons, and the comprehensive output value of tea industry will exceed 16 billion yuan.

The current and future period, Ya'an will continue to firmly grasp the development of green agriculture and supply side structural reform opportunity, seize the opportunity to do with the Ministry of agriculture "tea industry views" as guidance, adhere to the construction of the beautiful Ya'an, ecological city as a guide to the depth of integration of tea and tourism as a breakthrough, the development of tea culture raising industry as the direction, innovation driven, precise force, strong push elegant tea industry to upgrade, zaishangtaijie.