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Taste Zen communion exhibition two Autumn Tea Expo will be held at the same time and Fobo
2017/12/8 10:17:04

Zen tea by tea aroma, on zen. The 2017 Chengdu International Tea Expo Chinese autumn and China Sichuan International Buddhist supplies Expo November 9, 2017 - 12 day, will jointly bloom in Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition center. By then, the Buddhist supplies, a superb collection of beautiful things and elegant fragrance of sandalwood, meticulous floating tea and novel tea tea, delicious vegetarian will come together. The more autumn tea forum, international tea tea packaging design forum, forum and other activities of the Forum; tea and tea Master various tea culture performances, tea zen clothing clothing show, Yixing famous purple craft exhibition performances presented earlier. In the meantime, the organizers will also hold special tea will invite celebrities in this grand event.

Health: three tea.

Tea not only has a good health care function, tea drinking is also regarded as a good way to settle people's mind, and tea can be clear. Buddhism thinks that "Zen tea blindly" Zen tea, enhance the realm of understanding is to help the Zen tea.

On the Zen, about tea, a tea, there are too many stories. In order to allow the public to enjoy the "Zen tea blindly" essence, put down the worldly troubles, face life with calm and quiet heart, 2017 China - Chengdu International Tea Expo during the autumn Chinese Sichuan International Buddhist supplies Expo will be held, the tea zen, two cultural elements of the perfect fusion, to create a new life style taste Zen tea. And, on the road, view appreciation skills.

Autumn is the season of health preservation, and tea and health care is a warm and moist way. At this time, Puer, black tea, Chuan Hong, jasmine tea, Tieguanyin, and all kinds of health tea are the best seasons, and these health tea is also a highlight of this Autumn Tea Expo.

The origin of Buddhism and tea can be traced back to more than two thousand years ago. China Sichuan international Fobo in Buddhist culture as the main line, showing the Buddhist culture activities. The exhibition includes the Buddha, the Buddha, the fragrance, the candles, the lamps, the vegetarian food, the monk's clothes, the embroidery, the picture and the image of calligraphy and painting, etc. The exhibitors are from domestic and foreign countries, including India, Thailand, Malaysia and other exhibitors.

Taste zen. Tea, tea, tea, Zen Buddhism, Buddhist. Fobo and Tea Expo held at the same time, can let the audience appreciate the tea ceremony at the same time, enjoy good tea, and experience the "Zen tea blindly" beauty of artistic conception. In the event, the Yixing Masters show Yixing Yixing Arts & Crafts art, let the audience enjoy deep purple art and Zen tea culture deep quiet.

Heart Exhibition: a professional tea Festival

It is reported that this year's Autumn International Tea Expo, Sichuan tea industry will play advantage, using the Tea Expo platform, extensive exhibition Sichuan is the famous tea, but for the absorption of the tea merchants, tea series high quality tea brand and tea related products, expand tea consumption, promote the development of tea industry. As tea products, tea sets are more and more colorful and the quality is gradually improved. The Autumn Tea Expo, will increase the tea tea, root carving, purple, ceramics, furniture and other investment, for tea lovers to present a play, capable of viewing, the gorgeous tea feast.

The organizers attached great importance to the professionalism of the exhibition. They invited many tea associations, tea market, tea traders, agents, shopping malls, supermarkets and local authorities to visit and negotiate trade. The major tea market organizers and the province together, in the tea wholesale market prominently publish large outdoor advertising, to expand the influence of the exhibition; sent the domestic related industry exhibition exhibition distributed promotional materials, inviting merchants and the audience; the audience to establish the customer database, customer service specialist invite professional customers, ensure the quality of the audience and show information accurate arrival in cooperation with the province; inside and outside the bank, logistics and other industries, together with strong purchasing power to invite professional visitors and customers; before the show in Chengdu city crowded the main streets and communities, free development will send promotional materials, attract business operators and consumers attending visit and purchase.

In addition, the organizing committee also orchestrated a rich and colorful activities, including special art performances, tea culture performances, tea zen clothing clothing show, Xiang Tao performances, performances, and Zen sweepstakes, let the audience close understanding of tea culture and Buddhist culture, to edify sentiment, purify the mind. Autumn tea Fair is looking forward to your visit!