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2018 China (Chengdu)International Tea Expo Successfully Concluded
2018/11/14 15:03:33

Supported by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department,Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce,Sichuan Provincial Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs,Sichuan Province Supply and Marketing Cooperative,Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce,organized by Sichuan Marketing Association and Sichuan Supplier Chamber of Commerce, 2018 China(Chengdu) International Tea Expo has been held successfully from November 9th-12th,2018 in the Convention & Exhibition Center,Century city,Chengdu.According to incomplete survey,in the tea expo the total business volume is up to 0.132 billion yuan, including site sales 4.2 million yuan, intention contracts 1.5 million yuan and deals 60 million yuan.With a reception of 52 thousand visitors, including more than 7,100 buyers.

Approved by UFI at the first time, tea expo become more international

       Approved by UFI,Chengdu International Tea expo has attracted attention of the industries both at home and abroad. More than 18 provinces and cities ,including Taiwan in China nearly 600 companies participated, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar,Nepal, India, Vietnam,Thailand, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and other countries participated. They displayed various tea or tea products.

      The theme is “Guiding the Brands,Gathering the world”, the total display area is 20,000sqm,with Chinese Famous Tea Pavilion, Belt & Road International Pavilion,Tea-set and Culture Pavilion. Nearly hundreds of companies participated, such as: Baishazi, Xiangyi Dark tea,Cangwu Liupao tea,Yazhouhengtai, Baifucangcang, Shujian, Diannanguyun, New Space Tea Culture,YI HAO GAN PU,WAN CHAO, WEI MING XUAN, CHEN SHENG HAO, ZHENG DA ,ZUI CHA REN, YI YA TANG, MENG HAI PA YA ZHEN, QIAN FU XIANG, RUI SHENG HAO ,MAN YI LAI , YI WU CHENG XIANG HAO, KANG LAI YAN, GUAN ZHONG SHAN, PIN PIN XIANG, SHOU SHI YAN, XI KANG TIBET TEA GROUP,YA’AN TEA FACTORY,MENGDINGSHAN TEA EXCHANGE,China National Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection of Tea(Sichuan),SHU CHA Enterprise,CHUAN HUANG Enterprise and other tea enterprises. They did make a great success at the aspects of sales, making orders, resource-sharing and brands promotion.


Getting attention from the government and industry,Government delegations surpass than ever with great success

  With display area from the government and related industries more than 30,00 sqm, the autumn tea expo has never reach before. The activity “Jiangxi Tea spreading in the world” organized by Jiangxi Province, completely displayed Lushan cloud-fog tea,Jingdezhen floating black tea,Xiushui Ninghong kongfu Tea,dog bull head tea, wu yuan ming mei tea and other famous tea from Jiangxi Province. Jiangxi delegation made a site sales volume up to 1 million yuan, new orders and intention contracts total volume 1.5 million yuan. Fujian province organized “Fujian Products National Tour in Chengdu”, with nearly 30 companies participated, with site sale over 2 million yuan , orders and contracts total volume is up to 20 million yuan. Yunan Tea Marketing Association organized 40 companies with Pu’er and Xishuangbanna, achieved 8 million yuan sales and contracts. Ya’An Tea Office and Ya’an Yucheng District Tea Office organized the Ya’an Tibet tea delegation, in total nearly 20 tea enterprises and related studios participated, with site sales volume and intention contracts 6 million yuan. Yunnan Jianshui County Purple Clay Pottery Office organized more than 40 purple clay pottery enterprises to attend this expo for the first time, with a site sales and intention contracts nearly 5 million yuan. With more than 80 famous craftsmen, Yixing Purple-pot delegation joined the expo, with a total volume of 5 million yuan.


 Various Tea Cultural Theme Activities, Present a new Experience by Walking through again of “The Ancient Tea Horse Road”

With colourful tea activities, the first Mengding Tea Cultural Festival held in tea expo has perfectly showed us the real 18 Dragon-Style tea art performance by 50 artists and 50 men walking again the “Ancient Tea Horse Road”has attracted the focus of the public and all the media.The first sharing session of Chan & Tea of Masters from monastery, Master Yile from Chengdu Wenshu Monastery and Master Zhaokong from Longxing Temple in Ya’an, both shared their Chan and tea thoughts with human intelligence with tea lovers at present.The famous rare tea tasting activity, nearly one thousand tea lovers participated, and enjoyed the best tea from Thailand, Malaysia,Myanmar,Japan etc.The Tibet tea tasting, Tibet tea intangible heritage experience,lucky fancy carp drawing such activities in Ya’an Tibet Tea Cultural Festival has been held very successfully.The E-Commerce forum for “Sichuan Famous Tea Enterprises Open the marketing Abroad”which is addressed by senior lecturer from Ali baba shared with the representatives of how to use the internet+ help more Sichuan tea enterprises to start a market in foreign countries.Yunnan Tea Marketing Association held pu’er tea and tea house talks and promotion meeting for Yunan tea brands successfully,the awards ceremony of national online favourite tea set election, top 10 online favourite tea set prize-giving ceremony, Double Eleven Sales Day, the whole day, all the exhibits sold at a discount, customers can get an unforgettable shopping experience.Meanwhile, Baifucangcang, Dazhao Zang Dun these tea enterprises held exclusive brands introduction and marketing event effectively, “Huaxia Tea Training School”Cultural Art Festival also brings tea drama,tea poetry reading,yoga & tea art,selfless tea talks and other fantastic activities.